Terms and Conditions

This agreement consists of the terms and conditions under which Exchange-Senter (referred to as "we, us, our") will be providing its services to the client (referred to as "you, your").


We collect personal information from you every time you visit our site and use any of the services we offer. You are required to provide details such as your name, mailing address, contact details, email address, and bank account details. Your personal information shall be used strictly for the following purposes: verifying your identity, communicating with you, and providing our services to you. We may also record your correspondence and transactions with us.

  1. We guarantee that we have the ability to perform all the services we offer, unless cases of technical problems arise in which we may be compelled to temporarily cease our operational activities, partial or entire, in order to avoid further damage, loss, and/or difficulties.

  2. The services we offer are strictly limited to the following: buying e-currencies, selling e-currencies, and exchanging e-currencies to other e-currencies supported by our site..

  3. It is our responsibility to execute only those orders that have been authorized by you. We shall promptly notify you if any error regarding your transaction has occurred.

  4. There is no limitation in regard to the amount of e-currency that you want to sell or exchange.

  5. There is a corresponding fee for every transaction you make, and it shall depend on the amount of e-currency you are going to sell or exchange. No additional costs shall be charged.

  6. Each transaction shall be completed within 24 to 48 hours. If any banking procedure is involved, the transaction shall be accomplished in 3 to 5 business days.

Terms in Doing Business with Us

  1. You are required to enter your personal information before using any of our services. This information shall be strictly used as indicated in Section V of this agreement and in the Privacy Policy of this website.

  2. We reserve the right to decline your order request under the following circumstances:

    - if the destination account is wrong or invalid

    - if no amount was deposited to our bank account (i.e. buying e-currencies)

    - if no transaction ID for the amount to be deposited was given

  3. In the event that you want to cancel your order to sell or exchange e-currencies, you must do so by sending us an email as soon as possible. It is best to send your request for cancellation of transaction within 24 hours.


  1. By continuing with your transaction, you confirm that you have agreed to send us your personal details and understood the conditions under which we shall use them.

  2. By continuing with your transaction, you confirm that you have agreed to send us your personal details and understood the conditions under which we shall use them.

  3. It is your responsibility to ensure the validity of all details you provide to us and that you have correctly entered these details.

  4. You acknowledge the technical risks involved in using our system. In our part, we shall quickly notify you if technical problems have occurred and give proper advisory in the event that the efficient use of any of our services may be impossible at the moment. You shall be liable for any unfavorable result if you decide to use any of our services despite prior warning.

  5. It is your responsibility to secure a stable Internet connection. We shall not be held liable for any error or failure caused by an erratic connection on your end.

AML Policy

It is our commitment to adhere to the highest standards of anti-money laundering. With this in mind, we shall take action aimed at the detection and prevention of money laundering activities within our system. We are well aware that our services carry the risk of being used to launder money. Thus, we have required the compliance of the management and all employees to our standards in order to prevent our services from being used for money laundering purposes.

We have designed our own program to ensure that no illegal financial activity shall take place through any of our services. This includes verification of the client's identity, monitoring of all transactions, and training our employees.

We implement all the necessary anti-money laundering measures in order to abide by the laws and to protect our reputation and credibility.


  1. Your personal information including, but not limited to, your full name, mailing address, contact details, and bank account details shall be kept confidential, unless its disclosure has been authorized by you, required by the law, or is significant in attaining the goals of our AML policy.

  2. We shall use the personal details you provide us with for identification, communications, and providing our services.

  3. We shall utilize sufficient technologies to ensure secure transactions and to protect your information and accounts.

  4. Your communications with us may be monitored and archived, but no records shall be disclosed to unauthorized entities. Nevertheless, we reserve the right to share these files to the authorities should certain legal situations arise. Hence, any disclosure of your recorded communications shall strictly be intended for legal purposes.