Frequently Asked Questions

Listed are the frequestly asked questions by our users. If your question is not on the list, visit the Contact Us page.

What is Exchange-Senter?

Exchange-Senter is an e-currency exchanger that provides services such as exchanging one type of e-currency to another. It also allows users to buy and sell e-currencies.

Does Exchange-Senter offer e-currency trading services?

No. Exchange-Senter is not offering services related to e-currency trading. We are only offering the following services: buying, selling, and exchanging e-currencies.

Can I use Exchange-Senter in funding my trading account?

No. Funding trading accounts is not within the scope of services being offered by Exchange-Senter.

What e-currencies are accepted in Exchange-Senter?

The list of e-currencies we are accepting and can be exchanged through our site is available in all the pages of our website.

Can I use the services of Exchange-Senter from anywhere in the world?

Exchange-Senter and all its services can be accessed in all countries worldwide, excluding the United States.

Can this site be translated into different languages?

Currently, the available languages are English and Bahasa, but we are also working on adding other languages in order to cater to all our international clients.

Is there an age requirement to access Exchange-Senter services?

No. We do not necessarily require an individual to be of certain age in order to make transactions with us. As long as your personal information and account details are all valid, we shall process your request accordingly.

How long will my exchange request be processed?

Generally, it takes 24 to 48 hours for a transaction to be completed. However, the processing will take 3 to 5 business days if banking procedure is involved.

Is there a limit when making transactions?

There is no specific maximum or minimum amount when buying, selling, or exchanging e-currencies.

My exchange request was declined. What could be the reason for this?

You may want to check the details you have sent us or the validity of your bank and e-currency accounts. Also, make sure that you have entered all the necessary requirements. We may also refuse to complete a transaction if there is a perceived suspicious activity by the user. Whatever the case may be, we shall inform you immediately about the nature of the problem.